We empower consumers to securely access and share their financial data.

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Our Clients

Credfin provides developers with tools to have freedom over their finance data. We have successfully connected clients across Australia and they love us for it.

For developers, by developers

API & IFrame

We make it easy for developers to implement our platform with documents focused in assisting you to quickly implement a platform solution

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Simple integration, seamless and secure user experience

Access Credfin's products from anywhere. Our iframe is easy to drop into whatever you are building.

How you can leverage Credfin for your needs

Credit Scoring

Easily access current financial data with credfin to unserstand your customer risk profiles

Autofill Forms

Secure access to financial data from hundreds of institutions via powerful API's

Data Sharing

Credfin enables customers to share data you can use to improve services and procedures

Direct Debit Simplification

We simplify setting up direct debit payments by automatically providing user information and account verification.

Solutions to Transform Your Data

Personal Finance

Personal finance, lending (banking and brokerage)

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Customer Data Prefill

Banking and brokerage

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Identity Validation

Confirmation of clients submitted information against their financial institution

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Payment validation

Confirmation of bank account details for payment takers

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Automated Decisioning

To protect against human error and also ease of application applying

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Bank Statement Scoring

Budget management

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Our commitment to you

We give you control over your financial data. Quicky share your data with financial institutions instead of the archaic banking system which could take days to process

Enterprise-grade data protection

At Credfin, we incorporate security tools and procedures to ensure the safety of encrypted customer data in transit. With routine checks and tests on our products conducted by ourselves and our partners, we ensure a clean and easy experience. We understand data protection is one of the most important parts of any modern businesses.